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3 days ago

Microsoft's Software-Plus-Services Plan Praised - ABC News

Microsoft Corp. partners introduced to the company's software-plus-services strategy this week at its Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) applauded the plan, though they noted a few challenges as the company makes the transition from selling business software to offering more hosted and Web-based services.

Microsoft used its annual partner conference, held this year in Denver, as a coming-out party for the strategy, with CEO Steve Ballmer outlining the plan for the first time after other executives have been discussing it publicly for more than a year. It seemed fitting that the company's top executive was the one to deliver the message to thousands of partners who play a significant role in the company's success.

"I had no idea how partner-focused Microsoft really is," said Linda Gillis, a first-time attendee of the WPC and director of marketing for Squirrel Systems, a British Columbia company that provides restaurant point-of-sale software and services.

This dependency on partners is a double-edged sword for Microsoft as it moves to a more Web-centric services business model versus the software license model it has used successfully for years. The company not only has to revise its strategy, remaining several steps behind competitors such as Google Inc. that started business on the Web and have no traditional software business, but it also has to help its partners make changes, too.

To do this, Microsoft has been slowly ramping up its hosted services portfolio with a series of both consumer and business services. Executives also said at the WPC that those services will eventually become a full-fledged development platform, being both an OS and platform for new applications on the Web in a similar way that Windows is on the desktop.

Gillis said that moving toward offering more services for business in addition to software is the right direction for both Microsoft and its partners. "The addition of services helps to create long-term customer relationships and a recurring revenue stream," she said.

Most partners agreed with this sentiment, but some noted challenges that both Microsoft and partners will face as they make the switch.

Jay Blazensky, vice president of business development for RingCentral Inc., a Microsoft partner that provides voice services, including click-to-call, agreed that creating repeatable revenue is a definite benefit of the plan. But he noted that a challenge for Microsoft and its partners is to convince sales people to "forgo the larger up-front commission in lieu of a recurring annuity.

"Those that buy into the model and are successful -- and patient -- have the opportunity to be enormously successful," he said.

Another partner, Joe McDermott of Solution Canvas Ltd., said Microsoft's strategy of transitioning services in a calculated and deliberate way is the only way to make the change, which is necessary because it is what customers are demanding. Solution Canvas has built a service for small law firms using Microsoft's Office Live hosted service.

"I think the strategy is the way forward strategically for both Microsoft and [partners] ... because in the end the marketplace will dictate and demand," he said. "End users are who ultimately matter, and now that we have new Web technologies like AJAX and a rapid application development platform in Office Live, the barriers to powerful online applications are gone."

At the same time, McDermott acknowledged that some Microsoft partners will have to learn new skills to take advantage of the new services approach, though the company's "considered pace" for moving to services will help them in that endeavor.

While McDermott praised the technologies that enable more hosted services, one of them -- reliable access to broadband -- remains a hindrance not only to Microsoft's services plan but also its competitors' plans, RingCentral's Blazensky said. "It's an industry-wide challenge ... [but] it's maturing every day," he said.

1 week ago

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1 week ago

Pregnant? Use Your SmartPhone: 12 Best Pregnancy Apps

Not sure what to expect when you're expecting? Your smartphone can help.

Pregnancy apps are a blooming niche. A search on the Android app store Google Play and the iPhone App Store produced around 1,000 results.

ByteMobile, a research firm that anonymously sources data traffic statistics from the 3G and 4G networks, meaning they monitor actual usage activity of mobile users worldwide, released its first quarter 2013 Mobile Analytics Report in February. According to the report, on average, 47 percent of total mobile subscribers using one or more health app are using a pregnancy-related app.

There are apps for monitoring your baby bump, apps that provide check lists to hel

2 weeks ago

Job Description of an Application Developer You Hardly Knew About

The job description of an application developer comprises various tasks such as writing specifications required for the applications, using programming computer languages and utilizing development tools to design, build, test, implement, and support applications. He works closely with other software professionals such as system analysts and engineers. His role varies as per the industry.

Mobile Application Developer

As the name suggests, he is an expert in developing software and applications that are compatible with mobile phones.

He is responsible for the product life cycle, from concept to development.

He has to be well-versed with cellular technologi

2 weeks ago

Obama: Los adversarios más acérrimos pueden convertirse en socios para la paz

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4 weeks ago

App Store vs. Web Apps | Reuters

By Ryan Faas at Computerworld

Apple's App Store approval process has always been a bit controversial because of the level of control the company holds over what types of applications are allowed in. Initially, there were concerns that Apple rejected apps because they duplicated functionality the company already offered or was planning to build into the iPhone OS -- not because the submitted apps wouldn't run according to the company's specifications.

After this winter's purge of apps that could be construed as adult in nature, the controversy ballooned as both developers and consumers objected to Apple imposing its morality on them and limiting free speech. Although Apple argue